I have been thinking . . . . .

Although life is short it is also big and filled with a lot of interesting things no one really ponder about because it’s so short. And when we do ponder about things you are either a philosopher or clinically insane. I’m a little bit of both so here are the things that I ponder about:

When it comes to politics in America there is always talks about the Red States and the Blue States, and it makes me wonder are they talking about the Bloods and Crips?

If Rick Santorum ever become president of America does that means Blah people’s welfare benefits will get cut?

Am I the only one thought that if the Boondocks’ T.V show was still around and Herman Cain and President Obama were running for president would have been the prime time to go Doonesbury on them and make Uncle Ruckus (Herman Cain) and Tom Dubois (Obama) run against each other?

Does the astronauts smoke weed in the space shuttle?

Why is the weatherman only right on days you wish he got it wrong?

How much it cost to become a part of the 1%?

Are there midgets (I know the term is little people and I respect that I just like the word midget as well as the word salamander) in the race of Giants?

Why in those movies where a great war destroys everything they don’t still have the Internet?

Could Jay-Z run for a political office and win?

Is weed bad or good for you?

Why does the idea of it being nothing after death scares me more than hell? Are there any beaches?

If a person is intolerant against intolerances isn’t that person intolerant?

Doesn’t an anarchist group defeat the point of anarchy?

If you are a racist and bigot can you please tell me how can you like basketball, baseball, or football?

Why haven’t I ever met some one who has graduated from an Electoral College?

Why is stupidity or seeing someone falling down funny?

Why does the current generation of that particular time blames the one before them for leaving the world fucked up for then and swears that the generation that follows them are making the world worst?

If you switched all the poor kids from the inner city born in the 80’s with their well to do counter parts from the suburbs would that have changed those individual’s futures.

Why do your mouth smile like that?

Who would win in these fights? : Santorum vs. Romney? Jesse Jackson vs. Al Sharpton? Kevin Hart vs. Katt Williams? Chris Brown vs. Chris Brown?

Why am I not going to type more ponderings when I have millions of them?

About thebabbler

The Babbler is social commentary and literature by Christopher Reel

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