I like holidays

Ask 10 random people about a random holiday (state recognized or not) and watch you become surprised at the results. I did this myself (but I didn’t always go random) and below are 3 of the results:

I was on the bus one day, a week or so after Christmas, and looking for a random person to ask what that person thought about Christmas. As soon as I stepped on the bus immediately I saw my victim (did I say that out loud? LOL. Random person would fit as well as research subjects or . . . forget it. I’ll stay with victim because the unsuspecting research subjects had no idea what they where about to get into.). The guy I planned to bother with my research looked a lot like what most people believe Santa Claus looked. He was white, fat, wore red, and possessed a dirty white beard. 1st I must say that my vision is very bad, so when I sat into the seat beside him I realized that this might not be such a good idea. The guy still pretty much look like Santa, but only if Santa was a red jean vest, 1 gold ear ring and a tattoo of a black star beneath his left eye, and teeth that seem to belong more to a piranha. I wasn’t sure if Santa as biker would get into a conversation with me. Some people could easily jump into a conversation with anyone anywhere at anytime. So I pretended to be one of those pleasantly annoying people would wants to talk to you about his cute grandson who loves to dance to Michael Jackson music on the Wii or why he would leave his wife in a heart beat if he had a chance with Halle Berry. I started with ‘You look like a rough Santa.’ I know this wasn’t the way I intended to start but by his big jolly smile he did not get mad.

He said ‘Everyone says that.’ His voice startled me because he didn’t sound like Santa but more like Rudolph. And he liked to talk, a lot. I have no idea what he said because instead of listening to the sentences he spoke I was listening only to the words. I was looking for any word that would give me my go ahead to ask him his thoughts of Christmas. I’m not sure in what content he used the word ‘tree’ in, I jump at my opportunity with ‘Speaking of trees, how was your Christmas?’ He smiled his messy jolly smile and said ‘I got drunk.’

I smiled because I was drunk as well on Christmas. ‘You Celebrate Christmas?’

‘Nope, that’s why I was drunk.’ He said. ‘Do you celebrate Christmas?’

I nodded. I won’t say I celebrate every holiday but I welcome them especially the ones where you get a day off from work or school. ‘What’s the reason why you do not celebrate Christmas?’

‘I don’t believe in God.’

‘That’s understandable but why don’t you look at it as a day you could just enjoy your family and friends.’

‘I hate my family and friends.’

I didn’t understand hating a friend because if you hate someone then they are not friends. My stop was coming up and my research was complete but I wanted to know what he meant by saying he hated his friends. The ‘I hate my family . . .’ part did not bother me much because no matter how much you hate your family they will always be your family but friends aren’t so lucky. ‘You hate all of your friends.’ I said and stood, heading towards the opening back door of the bus.


‘And they’re still your friends?’

‘Aww, fuck them.’

‘Alright, have a good day.’ I said and stepped of the best.

My research once led me to ask one of my co-works what he though of Mother’s Day. He was a father and by the wide smile he made he loved his wife and his mother very well so his answer was long winded and I will not repeat it here but I’ll tell you one thing, he really loved Mother’s Day which was good for both of us because I would of popped him one because although Mother’s Day was a little hard for me since my mother passed in 2010 but any man who doesn’t love his mother should be popped one good time, and he was about 7 foot tall so I was a little scared but I am stupid when I believe in something and still would had popped him and probably would had been killed by his huge hands and on top of that I would had lost my job and wouldn’t had been sure what would of effected my life more death or the lost of a job.

The last example of my research was actually on a holiday. It was Valentine’s Day and I didn’t have to ask anyone anything because it came on the radio. A d jay was asking callers what they thought of Valentine’s Day. He goes 3 caller comments:

‘I shouldn’t have to wait for one day to show my wife how much I love her.’

‘It’s not a holiday, it’s a ploy from big business candy and greet card companies to take our money.’

‘I think Valentine’s Day is cool but all my chicks be want’n stuff.’

So what’s my opinion on Holidays? Like I said above I like to have off on holidays. But what about the ones we don’t have off? I like them too. I’m hype about every holiday but I am a person who like the fact that holidays bring people together. You don’t have to be a Christian to buy your children gifts for Christmas. I don’t think that Columbus discovered anything but I stay home and get high on the day observed for him accidentally landing on the islands near America when he really was going to India. So everyone as with everything in life has their reasons why or why not they do not celebrate one holiday or another. But asked a random person about a random holiday and see what you’ll get.


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The Babbler is social commentary and literature by Christopher Reel

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