Let me tell you what I heard about blah, blah, blah.

Are you a person who follows celebrity gossip? Are you a person who follows office gossip? Are you a person who just likes to know what’s going on at all times? Are you a person that hate when people are all in your business? Are you a person that watches the news a lot? Are you a person that ever had a conversation about a person that wasn’t around at the time of the talk? Are you . . . . .

I could go on and on but I’m sure you have said yes to one of these questions, thus making you a nosy person. Don’t get up set, I like to know what’s happening, too. I’ll call it, being observant. Well I’m a writer, right, that focuses on the human condition, right? So I have the right to know that you broke up with your boyfriend because he was lazy or I have the right to know that you were fired because you forgot to wear pants to work. Right? Not really. But still it’s good for a writer to know these things before questioning why? It helps build real believable characters in your stories. That’s my excuse and I’m sticking to it. But why do we sneak off at work to talk to our closes colleague about why Jessica always has a black eye or why Henry smells like pork shoulders? Is it human to want to know about other people? I bet some of you who are reading this are saying that’s not me. I mind my own business. If that’s true then you shouldn’t know when Obama met his wife, is that important to his leadership. Or you shouldn’t know that George Bush II was a drunk and a C student at Harvard. Well, than again, you should know these things because G.B II led us into works and unemployment and we understand why, because he was just an average person running the free world, and like all of us average people or above average people we make mistakes so do our average drunks. So what if Bush use to come to meetings in the Oval office dress only in a 12 gallon cowboy hat, leather boots with big spurs, and Batman printed briefs while drinking some 100 year aged wine trying to off set his massive hang over from a night on the town with Condi and Little Dick. Should that matter to us? . . .

Well, yeah, sure, because what goes on in someone private life affects his or her social life. But besides political figures, who’s personal decisions may or may not affect their law making decisions. I bet Weiner is all for porn or maybe not, he might just be in to hotdogs, or just showing his. Who knows? Somebody believes they do, Have you ever known a person that know everyone business and have idea what’s going on in their own life.

If you said yes and started thinking about a co-worker, it’s probably you. Oh noooooooooooo, I minds my business. No you don’t. We The People of America are a nosy nation. We like to know about the personal life of our leaders, entertainers, co-workers, and we even like to hear that humorous sad story about Bill the plumber whose arm was stuck into Mrs. Hill’s toilet for 7 hours; what made it humorous was that he was having an affair with Mrs. Hill and He was naked when he was trying to get his wedding ring that fell into Mrs. Hill old fashion toilet when her husband came home. You wish you knew them right or better yet you wish you knew somebody that knew them as well so that the two of you could chatter about it at work to make the day go faster.

The after mate of every gossip is the opinions. That’s how we turn gossip from E! to CNN. That’s how we turn gossip into a conversation with: ‘Maybe there is a race called Blah people.’ One co-worker would say to another. Everything on the news and entertainment shows after the facts are opinions. The thematic devices in your best novels are there for you to hear the voice of that writer’s opinion on whatever the topic, from love to government. Opinions are good, well it depends on your government. But do opinions matter or are they a 2nd class human activity as some would say about gossiping? In my opinion no it’s not, because opinions put words and thoughts behind decisions. If in your opinion Pepsi is better than Coke and the store only had the two, what would you get? Opinions can also get you in trouble, get people talking about what you have said . . . hold up, I should say something that would get me in trouble so people could start talking about what I said and start reading my work and, and  . . . okay I’ll stop, but in my opinion . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .


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The Babbler is social commentary and literature by Christopher Reel

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