Right or Wrong, It’s your choice

Morality definition: principles concerning the distinction between right and wrong or good and bad behavior.

Morality is a major part of the human condition (so are laughing and farting, and I learned that doing either unexpectedly in a crowded area is frowned upon and receives dirty looks). Morality gives individuals a rule set or self-styled manual on what we believe is the proper or right way to conduct our life and how to treat or act in light of their fellow humans. In general we receive our set of rules or moral code from our parents, society, religion, environment one is raised in, popular media, from our dogs (if this applies to you, then morality isn’t your issues and maybe you should see a doctor no matter what the dog says) etc., etc., and we follow these rules in a conformist daze, with conscious conformist intent, introduced and made to believe through fear, through experience and compile what would fit for us as an individuals.

At times we as individuals chose what’s right or what’s wrong depending on the situation. Is there even such a thing as right or wrong in the conduct of human behavior? Many would say yes. For those who would say other wise either are in rebellion against the supposed leaders or rule setters; religion leaders, governments, parents, etc., etc., etc., or they are evil (or trying to be apathetic to morality on purpose). Anarchist would fit perfect in the above statement, and here I’m not using the word in it’s common political over toned sense of the correct definition. Or the incorrect concept of anarchist groups, I speaking of anarchy in the existential sense of disorder and chaos, one being apathetic to morality on purpose. However it’s a third kind of person who doesn’t believe in a right or wrong when it comes to human behavior, these folks would say that we are not born with a manual. (but think about if we were born with a manual on how to live a moral life, and I’m not talking about the Bible or Quran or the Zombie Survival Guide, or whatever book that helps map out your moral compass. I’m talking about a book written like any textbook-ish manual to learning something, say something like those For Idiot books, and the book falls out of our mother’s vagina. (Weird and a bit disturbing, right? I guess that’s why our manufacture didn’t included with our model.) These sort of people would claim that we learn our moral guide lines from parents, society, religion, the environment one is raised in, popular media, etc. etc. (as I did above) and a person it’s a person’s choice on what him or her agreed with one’s self on what’s right and wrong. When I am being objective I am one of those people. Relax; I’m not saying that it’s right but who is there to judge us? (I’m not talking about anything divine here.) The answer is the judge at court trying to put you away behind bars for breaking a crime. Okay so that kind of kills my argument, right? No, not at all, because I know how to be objective and subjective at times and being objective makes you understand why another person would do this or that or why it’s a possibility that my neighbor Mr. Bear (not his real name but he resembles an elderly grizzly) isn’t completely crazy but he just may like not to wear pants when he’s sitting on his front steps drinking from a cup of something and whistling old jazz tunes.

Subjectively I have my own moral codes as does everyone and I believe in right and wrong. It’s wrong to walk up and punch someone in the face because you had a bad day. But sometimes I think it’s okay to punch the person who caused your bad day. When I say things like that people would look at me crazy and explain why they would disagree with me, and being able to be objective, I would listen and sometimes someone would actually change my perspective on that particular situation. I will not on this particular subject because although I would never just punch a person in the face for simply causing my day to go bad because it would be stupid and has the great possibility to make your day worser (I know it’s not a word but it should be because it gives a situation a sense of urgency, meaning that the problem is going from bad or worse to just plan fucked up.), this is how I feel and yes I know it’s wrong to others to use violence and I wouldn’t like to get punched in the face for making someone have a bad day. The truth is I believe that every thing is possible in the human’s nature from random acts of kindness to the rise of Hitler. I came to this conclusion because from the 1st day of human existence to today nothing I hear or read about no longer surprise me in the human condition, which is why I go objective quickly before I formulate my own (subjective) opinion. However, everyone doesn’t think objectively and wouldn’t try to understand the why and that’s that person’s choice but it eliminates understanding.

I know right from wrong and so did Mao. It’s not really knowing what’s right or wrong, (or good or evil which are the right words to use when talking about morality but we forget that the right or the wrong reaction to any given situation is the bases to doing good or evil. We also must remember that the right thing to do isn’t always the good and vice verses), the act of knowing that you are doing the right thing or the wrong thing no matter how you look at the situation because we are build off of our decisions and you are going to most likely make a decision that fits you and when we know that if you do the wrong thing it will benefit you and you still make the right decision and do not do the wrong thing that’s when you are being truly moral or following what you have decided was the moral thing to do. Even if we are objectively or subjectively looking at a situation we know what the right thing or wrong thing to do is.

If we really look deep into our individual perspective on morality we will see that compared to others our view may be flawed because at times morality is situational and everyday your morality will be tested. Today I will test my own morality in the form of is it right to be high off weed while talking to a group of wayward teens about what’s right and what’s wrong at an after school program. Of course no one will know that I’m high but is it right? No. Will I still be high when I go? Yes.


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