Stop Snitching

The so-called Stop Snitching’ movement gained national attention in late 2004 when a DVD called Stop Snitching! Released by Rodney Bethea appeared inBaltimore,Maryland. However in some form or another stop snitching sentiments has always existed.

It’s not hard to figure out why people want others to not snitch or tell someone that would get him or her in trouble. Here I’m not just talking about just informing to the police. People have been ratting out other including their friends since the beginning of time. Angels told on Lucifer, Judas told on Jesus, American slaves told on other Slaves, Jews informed to the Nazi, Anna Sage told on John Dillinger, Sammi the bull told on the Mafia, Alpo told on drug dealers from D.C, I could continue but I bet you get my point.

The philosophical question here is, is it right to inform the authorities against others? Being totally objective here I will give some scenarios:

If you committed a crime with another person and you get caught and offered less time or your freedom back would you tell on that person?

If you are fighting the establishment with a group deemed outlaws and you were caught would you give up information on the other members of the group to save yourself or your family?

If you witness a crime (from petty to murder) would you call the police?

If you witness a crime committed by a friend, girlfriend/ boyfriend, or a loved one, would you call the police?

Etc., etc., etc. I could keep on with the question which would be pointless. The moral and the rational of society would have no problems with theses questions. But what we forget to factor in is the ethnics and moral laws of criminals. I’m in defense for no one but as humans we must realize that in the human condition we have different values and slightly different moral codes and criminals fit as a prime example. People would think; how does a bad person have morals? Easy, not all criminals are back people. Circumstances could put a person in a messed up situation and help turn him or her on the wrong side of the law or against the government. The Jews during WW II wasn’t criminals to modern people but to the law of that land (Nazi Germany) they were. Anyhow, even the murders have morals that they do not cross such as not killing children, or molesting a child, etc., etc. And not ratting out a friend and to mind your business are important. So looking at a criminal and their ethnics one could understand why a crook would look at snitching in such a way. Not saying if snitching is bad or good but I will say, one will never know that they will inform against someone one else; a family member , friend, or stranger, unless they are in that situation.

To me a Stop Snitching movement is stupid because 75 to 85% of people will snitch to save his or her life.


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The Babbler is social commentary and literature by Christopher Reel

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