What you put in life is what you get out of it

Have you ever heard people complaining about their life? Of course you have. Have you ever complained about your own life? Of course you have. Have I ever complained about my life? Of course I have. Why do we complain? My guess is that we complain to express our dislike in something pertaining to our life; such as we might complain about our boss or our family or our money or our relationship or etc. etc. etc. Do we have a right to complain? Sure, it’s my life and I’ll whine about whatever I want to whine about. But why cry about situations that our decisions or circumstances led us to. Let’s use the examples I used above.

‘I hate my boss, he’s a nut.’ Okay, maybe your boss is a nut, but to keep on complaining about that boss and let it take up space in your mind is a little excessive. Instead of whining so much (I say so much because let’s face it we will tell someone about this boss) let’s think of away to get away from this person, like get a new job or something which is easier then said or how about tolerate this boss until you can find that new job but never quit unless your whining will turn into a punch to that bosses face which would hurt you more then him or her. We could go back and forth about the circumstances that led you to work for that person but that’s not the point here. But let’s start with what led you to work underneath that boss which is the point I’m trying to get to. The last two sentences may sound similar and thus contradicting each other and not making any sense but just bear with me. The first sentence says ‘We could go back and forth about the circumstances that led you to work for that person but that’s not the point here.’ Meaning that you may have chosen to work there because that’s what you wanted to do. And my response to that is sometimes we have to endure fucked up people to get where we’re going. For the second sentence ‘But let’s start with what led you to work underneath that boss which is the point I’m trying to get to.’ Meaning sometimes we get our selves in situations because of the decisions that we make and sometimes those decisions lead us into bad situations, such as jobs that don’t fit our skill set but we must have a job to survive. And sometimes at those jobs we have bosses that are dicks. If we made a left instead of that right then we may have shifted our life into another path.

What we put into life is what we get out of life. But in some circumstances we have no power, such as who our parents are. We cannot make a choice on who our family members are going to be, but family issues maybe your biggest complaint. I’m not going to go too deep into this but I am going to say this, because one is your family member doesn’t mean that you should allow them to stress you to the point where it’s heavy on your heart or mind. Of course it will be heavy if a family member that you love die. But if your son is going on the wrong path even if you believe that you groomed him right and it hurts you can’t allow that to build into stress and take up so much of your time. You would have to look at the situation like you did the best and he has to live his life and if he needs you, you will be there, if you want to. Love should not feel like an obligation, no matter what type of love it is. (I’m going to get away from this topic because it’s a sticky thing and I didn’t bring any hand sanitizer with me).

What you put in life is what you get out of it. If you save money for the future you can’t complain about money problems when that unsuspecting situation pops up. But I don’t make that much money? Why not? We could bring our environment, our parents, our education or whatever but we always forget to blame ourselves. There are many legit reasons that let us to that dead end job. But if we stop looking at things so badly we could turn that dead end job into a career. If you work at IHOP try to become a manager. Your self-pity is unwarranted. Self-pity is as bad as not doing.

If your boyfriend or girlfriend or wife or husband or whatever keeps giving you heartaches then leave them. But if you decide to stay with that person and believe that things will get better then be patience.

Oh, you got all the answers? You don’t complain about nothing huh? No. No. I’m human. I’m talking to my self as much as I am talking to the reader. Being self-aware is a key at good living. Life’s a bitch, we all know that, but it’s our life and we should love it and live it the why we feel is right no matter whom agree or disagree with us. But we must be aware what we put out is what we will get. If you plant an Apple seed an apple tree will grow. It’s simple as that.

The last thing I have to say is, ‘What you put in life is what you get out of it.’ And I will gracefully end my complaining about people complaining. But as I said I’m talking to myself as well so . . . forget it . . . I’m hungry


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The Babbler is social commentary and literature by Christopher Reel

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