Where going to die, 2012 version

According to several theories (most prominently the Mayans) that the world is going to end or something such as WW2 will change the world forever this year (2012). In my opinion, who knows and who really have time to worry about that.

I’m just saying in every era of man or generation there were those who claimed that the world will end this way or that way, which to be honest scares the shit out of me. But I rationalize the screaming people who claim that it’s almost over for mankind with, most were wrong and nobody knows a God personally so no one really knows when it’ll be over. So shut up. I don’t think it will end my life time. Plus who has time to worry about the end of the world when I go in to the kitchen and find out that I have peanut butter and jelly but no bread.

What I get from all the misinterpretations of the roots that started the modern doomsday scares no matter if it’s from a major religion or an ancient civilization, we as humans want a change to occur. I mean that most people on earth want something so crazy to happen that it changes our world completely. Well that’s what I think is deep inside of people minds but even deeper people just want to shake up the daily routines of life in which for the most part is repetitive in the fashion of the Greek myth where a man pushes a rock up a hill and when he reach the summit it rolls back down and the man has to repeat this over and over.

But would it not be fun to actually be a survivor after the major event that messes the world up? I think so because I already have my plan. I will take control of part of my city and become the king. I would have a cool nickname like ‘The babbler King’.

Other than being a good conversation starter the talk about the world ending bother me none now because I have a lot important things that I would like to do before it’s over. And I want to live the way I know and learn as I go alone about life and don’t want to be shocked by something as depressing as everyone dying, especially in a world where it’s easy to do something stupid to cause your time card to be punched early.

What I’m going to do on one of the dates they think will be the last day as we know it; I’m going to get some bread for my peanut butter and jelly.

About thebabbler

The Babbler is social commentary and literature by Christopher Reel

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  1. Better not watch this video then…


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