‘I harmed my babies’

A child being killed is not a new trend. It’s always been around but it’s something that with every new case rips a little at your soul. We ask ourselves what could drive a person to such madness. Well, in one particular case which occurred yesterday in the Tacony section of Philadelphia a woman identified by neighbors as Stacey Newkirk, smothered one of her 18-month-old twins and drowned the other in a jealous rage over an affair her husband was having with a family member. The woman also attempted to poison her 4-year-old daughter and then tried to kill herself. The husband found the dead babies with a note next to the bodies that said ‘This is why I killed your kids,’ followed by her detailing her allegations of her husbands affair.

So she killed her own off-springs because their father was having an affair. I have one thing to say to her ‘You’re a dumb bitch.’ (For those in the politically correct communities that have a problem with me calling the woman (I refuse to ever write her name again) a bitch you too are bitches if you don’t think she deserves too be called a bitch. Oh and I think she should die today.) She stripped the world of two human beings and messed up the mind of the 4-year old that survived the poisoning. Who knows or really care if the husband was having an affair, because the dead of one’s children is not a suitable punishment for that crime.

We all know that it’s wrong to take alive but a child’s? . . . . Wow . . . just give me a moment . . .

One would ponder that it had to be more to the story that would lead a person to do such acts. The faith-base would say the devil or whom ever is the opposite personification of good, which is evil. Or others would want to know the lady’s race, social status, if she was on drugs or other bullshit. There is one person to blame for this tragic event and that is the woman. It’s simple as that. People do not know how to control their emotions and mask sadness with anger and or maybe drugs which are formulas for bad shit to happen. But it happened and nothing could bring those children back.

What a sad world we make it.


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The Babbler is social commentary and literature by Christopher Reel

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