I’ll eat your face . . . .

Crazy. Insane. Human.

I’ll eat your face

We all are surprise about the news that Miami resident, Rudy Eugene, was shot dead by the police who tried to plead with him to stop eating the face of another man. (The victim was Ronald Poppo a homeless man living under a causeway; he’s in critical condition as of this Babbler.)

I’m sorry to all that are close to the incident because as I type this up I am laughing. It’s not really funny because someone was killed (to be honest I would say that he was wrongly killed because the officers had to know that he was high off of something by the way  he growled when the officers tried to tell him to stop. I’m no punk ass but if I see a man eating another’s face and when told to stop all he did was growl and continued on with his meal I would had dropped my gun and police I.D on the spot, jumped into the patrol car, and then drove home leaving my partner and all.)

To turn on a more serious note, the man was high off of bath salt. I never for the life of me understand way people continue to search for stuff to get them high and it’s already so much stupid shit to lose your mind from there’s LSD, PCP, Reality shows, etc., etc., etc. Give me weed a drink of something that’s not beer and a cigarette. That’s it. I don’t need any crazy shit to farther fuck up my mind from its natural messed up state.

Bathsalt is a problem if you ask Armando Aguilar, president ofMiami’s Order of Police or the man whose face was snacked on. But the craziest thing is that this act of drug induce violence doesn’t shock me. It’s weird but anything is capable to happen in the human condition. Don’t believe me just check the news, the internet, or where ever you get your news from. Adding drugs to situation only make humans crazier. That’s why Aliens from other planets don’t come here; they don’t want to deal with our crazy messed race.

I almost forgot. Rudy Eugene is now know as the ‘Miami Zombie’ which is both sad and very funny.


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