Mean People Suck

I believe that I’m a nice person. I’m respectful to others; I’m nice to old people (when they’re nice to me. Because we all have to admit that old people could be all out disrespectful and not just to you but to the generation that you belong to and sometimes you have to say something like ‘If you don’t back up off me old head I’m a fu . . .’ Let’s stop right there because I did start this off with – I believe that I’m a nice person.), I’m nice to my girlfriend and respectful to her family, I give cigarettes to random people whom would ask me for one (Ok the truth is I have asked a random person for a cigarette, Hey don’t look at me like I’m an alien or something shit happens and your crave a cigarette and for whatever reason you don’t have one you ask someone, maybe at the bus stop, you see smoking can you buy one or just have one so I guess I give the cigarettes more out of fairness than just being nice but to be fair you must be nice at least a little.). Let’s just say I do a lot of nice things. Everyone probably believes that they are a nice person. And I bet everyone know someone that’s mean.

Everyone can be mean at times but there are people out there that are mean all the time and I’m going to said it here that they are mad for no real reason at all. I’ve worked for a few bosses that were this way. I haven’t met one person yet that didn’t have at the least one horrible boss.

The funny part some the mean bosses are almost nice people in they’re non-work life which is confusion because once they clock out they become polite. What you want me to say when your about to leave and you’re all jolly and shit like ‘Good job today Chris, see you tomorrow.’ After an hour ago you just made me feel like a failure in life because I didn’t clean the bathroom the way you like it. I respond with the fake ‘Alright see you tomorrow.’ What I really want to say is a simple ‘Fuck you man.’ I call most mean bosses situational mean people. I really think that mean bosses are in some type of secrete society called The Society of Asses.

Another example of situational meanness is employees of a city’s parking authority or the ticket mafia, which I like to call them. It’s like they yell at you because they had to give you a ticket when they could be some where else. Don’t forget the mean teacher or mean girlfriend or mother-in-law.

Then there is that person that’s just mean to you. Sometimes we create these people like the ex or the woman who accidentally thought the 2 of you were dating after a drunk one night-er that screams some sort of disrespectful words to you whenever and where ever, or the slightly retarded Giant of a man still remembers you from a million years ago when you cut in front of him in the corner store and when ever he see you he bumps you.

It’s also the people that are mean to only a certain type of people. Examples are: Hitler was mad at the Jews or Mormons at the black race

And its people that like to be mad. They just find a reason. ‘Fuck this shit. The sky is blue again. They must think I’m punk or something.’

It’s a lot of reasons to be mean and there are some reasons why a person becomes mean. (here I’m talking about people that are mean and mad all the time. People like Bill O’Reilly.) A divorce between parents, death of a loved one, or because the Eagles haven’t won a super bowl (using it just as an example. I’m a die hard eagles fan. So watch what you say, I don’t want to hurt no one up in here.’), or because you had a raw deal growing up or whatever you want to use to defend why you told that little child that spilled ice cream on your sneakers, while the child was running and laughing with glee away from his or her mother, that ‘Watch where your going, little bitch.’

I just think that those people who are mean or purposely treat other people badly are stupid. Humans are social creators, and this is coming from a writer who fits the loner stereotype, we are meant to interact and share lives together. And it makes the world difficult if you treat everyone badly. Why? Is it that hard to say thank you?

This is not a rant against mean people but I just think that Mean People Suck. It’s funny because that’s the way they like it.


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The Babbler is social commentary and literature by Christopher Reel

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