Scholarship for Diddy’s boy

The 99% who occupied many cities for, I think to um . . fight or  . .really I don’t know or should I say, that I’m not sure, because I do know that, although they used big corporations’ produces such as Facebook or Nike, they did not like rich people or the 1%.

I would think that all of the occupiers are democrats and most blacks are democrats and Diddy is black and Diddy and probably most of his friends are rich and the rich are the 1% . So according to the 99% or occupiers what should I think about Diddy’s child getting a scholarship.

This is what I think, You go Justin Combs. Get it.

My answer is so simple right? Sure it is because it’s nonsense for Diddy to tell that boy to not take the scholarship and ruin him forever. If he would have declined the scholarship because his daddy has it is disrespecting his own accomplishment. He earned it. So what his father is rich or black or democrat or what ever reason why people don’t think Justin needed the scholarship,

Sure it makes sense what people are saying about him coming from money and that money should pay for it so another less Diddy son than he is to get the free ride. But don’t forget the child involve. That kid was a good student (3.70 gpa) and good football player (the scholarship is for UCLA to play cornerback.).

I wish when I have children that my son or daughter earn some type of scholarship to pay for college. And I won’t care if I was rich or not. Free is free no matter what your tax bracket is. Earning the free stuff yourself  is even better. Who don’t like free stuff. I like free stuff.

Oh, I almost forgot, Shut up Bill O’Reilly! You talk too fucking much.


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