All-Hallow’s Eve

Janice Watson has loved Halloween since she was a child. To this day she still loves to play dress up. Although for the past 16 years or so having children relegated her to hostess for Halloween parties, she has always enjoyed herself. This year she’s hostess to a pack of pre-teens girls led by Victoria, her youngest daughter. Feeling extra sexy this particular night Janice decided to wear her blue Playboy’s bunny outfit, which was other wise used as a bedroom gimmick to excite her husband.

Robert Watson liked the outfit that his wife wore but loathed the Halloween parties or any occasion that needed him to spend money. His wife would say ‘Stop being such a cheap and tight ass.’ And would continue with something such as ‘We’re a well to do Black family in America we can afford to treat ourselves. We desire it. Besides you cannot take the money with you when you die.’ He would laugh and respond with something in the manner of ‘Watch me!’ This year he had spend over 1290 dollars on decorations, candy, party snacks, games, and entertainment for Victoria’s Halloween party. Her princess dress cost over 500 dollars alone.

‘Why would a 10 years old need a 500 dollar dress that she’s only going to wear once?’ He had asked his wife.

‘Because she’s our special little girl.’ Janice replied

‘Special?’ He laughed. ‘Special Ed, maybe. I don’t understand the reason why we couldn’t buy her a costume from one of those value stores like parents of other kids.’

‘Because she’s not other children. If it was up to you she’d be dress in something cheap and raggedy.’

‘If it was up to me she’d be wrapped in old bed sheets with a rice pot on her head.’

While Janice played hostess to the party Robert sat in the living room on the sofa beside his oldest daughter, Mia who talked on her phone while surfing the internet on an iPad and still managed, to Robert’s annoyance, to flick the television channels. He promised his wife that he wouldn’t go to their bedroom, get drunk, and pass out in his boxers and T-shirt while watching ESPN, as he was accustom to on Halloween, and, other holidays or whenever he wanted to get away from the estrogen mayhem of having a wife and 2 daughters. However while watching 300 channels per minute, he decided he would escape to the bedroom. First he would have to sneak out to get some beer.

When he stood he did not expect to see Janice, with pre-teens in toe, to invade the living room from the basement where the party was originally located.

‘Where are you going?’ Janice asked.

Putting on his jacket, Robert stammered ‘Um…. To…um? .  .  .’

She walked over to him, leaned close, and whispered. ‘Get some of those happy pills from Jeff.’ She kissed his cheek and stepped back. ‘And find you a costume. I feel extra frisky tonight.’ She turned, walked a way, and subtly shook her butt once to the left and once to the right causing the bushy rabbit’s tale to dance.


Robert smiled ‘I’ll get a superman costume.’ Married for 20 years to a beautiful woman with the face of angle and the body of a runway model, he has always wondered why was he so lucky? He has always been round, nerdish, an arguably ugly, so when he met Janice during their first year in college he made it his job to never lose her.

‘I seen that.’ Mia said, now standing beside her father.

‘What?’ He said, opening the door.

‘I saw that.’

‘Saw what?’

‘Mom do a little booty dance for you.’ Robert smiled and begun to go out of the door. ‘And I heard her say something about happy pills and feeling frisky.’ Mia continued.

He hurried to shut the door to escape his daughter but Mia opened it up and loudly said ‘She’s talking about Viagra.’ Catching the attention of a few bypassing parents whom were in hearing range escorting their children dressed as ghosts or witches or celebrities filling up bags with trick or treats.

For the next 20 to 25 minutes Mia unsuccessfully tried to convince her mother to return the party back to the basement. Giving up, she retreated to her bedroom. Being a teen the only things that were on Mia’s mind were boys and fashion, especially boys. And, although she hasn’t done it yet, sex had slowly become a prime topic. That’s the reason she needed privacy. She couldn’t imagine the reaction of her mother or father if they over heard their 16 years old daughter asking a friend about the pros and cons of anal sex.

Although Victoria wore a pink princess dress, it was no denying that she was a queen. She has always been a queen and certain that she would always remain one. And she never hesitated to let everyone know. Being a few inches taller then most of the children her age and inheriting her mother’s beauty, the other children flocked to her, prepared to become humble subjects to their queen. To those who did not obey her rule, she had the habit of smacking them across the face with a gloved hand in which she christened Victoria’s Law.

After usurping the living room with her party guess and mother in toe, while waiting for The Frog Princess DVD to come on she was in one of her speeches explaining how she would become the first Black female president and how she would abolish war replacing it with organized dissing, when the door bell rung. Sucking her teeth she looked over to her mother who sat on the sofa smoking a cigarette.

‘Don’t look at me. Go tell them we’re out of candy.’ Janice said.

Victoria sighed and said ‘Wouldn’t they leave if I don’t answer the door?’

Janice responded with only a look that a praying mantis gave its mate right before she bit its head off. Victoria sucked her teeth again and then stood. Emma Moore, bucked tooth, big glasses, weird, and a known suck up to adults stood as well. ‘I’ll get it Mrs. Watson.’ she said, which caused her to become the latest recipient of Victoria’s Law. Emma returned to her seat quietly.

‘Girl, what did I tell you about that?’ Janice said, with a smile. ‘Go see who’s at the door and take that damn glove off.’

Laughing, Victoria opened the door. ‘Its just daddy.’ She said as she quickly returned to her guest as the movie begun.

Janice stood and immediately started up the stairs. ‘Shut the door Rob and hurry up here.’ She said ‘I have to talk to you about something.’

He followed her up the stairs.

‘Daddy you forgot to shut the door.’ Victoria screamed before getting up to shut the door herself. ‘And why do you have a Condoleezza Rice mask on. I swear you are so weird.’

After rejoining her guest Victoria and her subjects chattered about what pre-teen girls chatter about until Emma, who had been quiet until then, said. ‘Your father seems to be acting strange. Did he go out drinking or something?’

‘What?’ Victoria said.

‘I don’t know, he just doesn’t seem like himself. He seems a little different, a little stranger, since he left.’ Emma continued.

As she slowly pulled the glove over her hand and stood Victoria asked ‘What do you mean by stranger?’

‘I . . .I don’t know.’ Lowly mumbled Emma as she curled up preparing herself to be punished by Victoria’s Law.

To the surprise of about everyone who watched Victoria land the blow, the sound and impact displayed the force in which the blow landed. Victoria had hit about 85% of her guest with Victoria’s law in the past but never so hard. Emma broke out into a gagging tearful cry.

Mia, who was now bored and finished texting and talking on the phone decided to return down stair. When she stepped into the hallway she heard her mother’s voice say ‘You got back fast.’ from her parent’s bedroom. With the door ajar and the lights off, Mia tiptoed to their door and peeped inside. The bedroom was lit only by the moonlight that shone in a purple haze from the windows. Her eyes adjusted quickly.

Having not said a word since he came back caused Janice to ask ‘Why are you so quiet?’ as he sat onto the edge of the bed. Receiving no answer she knelt down in front of him. ‘Condelezza Rice, Huh?’ She said undoing his pants’ zipper. ‘I never had sex with a women before.’

Outside the door Mia chuckled to herself.

Janice dug a hand into his pants, felt for, found, and begun stroking his penis before pulling it out. With it erect in her hand she looked up at the Condelezza Rice mask and said ‘You must have took four happy pills.’ before giving him oral sex.

Mia was both horrified and excited. She didn’t know if she should stay and watch or run for her sanity.

Emma Moore’s sister, Latoya, who was also at the Halloween party, did not like Victoria. Not so much because she treated her sister wrong but because Victoria was pretty and slender, the total opposite of Latoya who was homely and overweight. She, being a disciple of the proudly plus size comedian and actress Mo’nique, hated skinny bitches. Plus, she wasn’t scared of Victoria like her peers. She always wanted to beat her up, but never had the opportunity until now.

Victoria, who was waving her gloved hand around threatening who ever else wanted to get out of line, wasn’t aware of Latoya’s hate but was introduced to it as Latoya’s hate accumulated into a rush at her. Victoria was stuck with her gloved hand out in front of her when Latoya slammed into her with a shoulder block that most N.F.L linebackers would envy. The impact broke Victoria’s wrist, revolution against Victoria’s Law, Victoria’s Law has been broken, and send her into the coffee table, knocking the lamp onto the floor with a crash.

The sound of the falling lamp and girlish screams caused Mia to turn towards the stairs and inadvertently push the bedroom door open. The light from the hallway invaded the darkness while Janice was in full deep throat gagging. Mia ran down the stairs. Janice popped up and said ‘Put that thing away.’ before going to investigate the ruckus.

Latoya, Emma, and the others stood over the crying Victoria as Mia knelt beside her.

‘What’s going on?’ asked Janice wiping her mouth as she came down the stairs. Mia explained everything the way Emma explained it to her.

‘Where are you going?’ Janice asked her husband as he headed out of the door. He said nothing.

After Janice made Latoya apologize to Victoria and made Victoria apologize to Emma, the girls watched the movie while waiting for their parents and the ambulance for Victoria. No longer able to take the knowing stares of her mother Mia headed back up the stairs but paused in mid flight when the door bell rung.

‘About time.’ Said Janice who expected it to be the ambulance.

‘It’s probably not the ambulance,’ Mia said from the stairs. ‘I didn’t hear any sirens.’ Watching as her mother opened the door she wondered if she should call a girlfriend and tell her what she had just witness her mother do to her father or was she too ashamed to tell others, others who might question why she stayed and watched. Mia had to admit to herself that she was turned on, her privates being wet and all. She wondered if she’d need to see a psychotherapist when she gets older.

Standing on the opposite side of the door from Janice was a fat guy in all black with a clown mask on holding a case of beer. ‘Who are you?’ she asked, taking a cautious step backwards.

Robert took off his mask, smiling ‘It’s me.’ He said. ‘Sorry I took so long but I did get the happy pills.’ He then stepped inside, shutting the door behind him. He didn’t notice the way everyone stared at him because his attention was on the lamp and Victoria’s towel wrapped hand. He asked ‘What happened here?’

No one answered. Janice, Mia, Victoria, and a few of the guest thought, almost at once, in various forms: ‘Who the hell was that guy in the Condelezza Rice mask?’

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