‘Why can’t we all just get along?’: Rodney King dead @ 47

 Rodney King was pushed into the national consciousness in the 1990’s when the video of him being beat by 4 L.A police officers aired on local TV stations. (I bet it had to be weird being famous because you got your ass whoop.And people wondered why he had a drug problem.) His beating caused the crazy race riots in L.A when 3 of the officers who beat him up was acquitted and the 4th officer on trial was given a mistrial. When the smoke cleared from the riot 5o people were dead and a billion dollars worth of property was damaged.
King filed a civil suit and won 3.8 million from the city of Los Angeles (a good amount of money right? Not really. Did you see his face and what about the emotional damage which may of been the problem that he was trying to bury with drugs. Plus most of the money was said to go to his attorneys) and ended up falling in love with a juror, Cynthia Kelley (who he was still married to during his time of death.)
King bounced around in despair, doing short stints in prison in the late 90’s for assaulting his ex-wife and daughter, had multiple arrest for DUI, and has been in and out of rehabs for drug and alcohol abuse (Can’t you just imagine when he went to one of those rehabs and an old school wino bust out with ‘You the guy who got his ass kicked by the pigs. Boy you really had some artistic hickeys on your noggin, If I ever need someone to take a punch for me you‘d be the first I‘ll call. You got 50 cent?)’, until he released his book, ‘The Riot Within: My Journey from Rebellion to Redemption’; where he says that Kelley was helping him get his life together. He was also on TV shows such as ‘Celebrity Rehab’ and ‘Sober Living’ on VH1.
This weird and exposed live ended up at the bottom of his pool and found by Kelley, his fiancee. There was no foul play, said the police. The autopsy will tell us everything we need to know about how he died.
Sad, right? If we don’t pay attention to our lives we could all end up at the bottom of a pool. Well not all of us, cause I know how to swim.
I’m going to in this with the words of a King, well Rodney King’s (whose words are remembered more than most kings anyhow.):
‘Can’t we all just get along?’

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