The Scent of Infidelity By Christopher Reel

Brown pulled a lighter and cigarette from his pockets as he sat onto the steps of an abandon house, which were a few houses from the corner. Dirt and Bear sat along with him.

‘It’s dead as shit out here.’ Dirt said.

‘Just pass the Dutch.’ Bear replied.

Dirt took along drag before handing it over to Bear. He coughed and then said ‘That’s some shit.’

Bear stared at Brown, in which caused Brown to ask ‘What?’ as he stood from the step.

‘Did you fuck Liz before you came out?’ Bear asked.

As Brown lit his cigarette the scent of pussy rose from his hands. He smiled as he inhaled, returned the lighter back to his pocket, and while exhaling said ‘It is dead out here.’

‘Well, take a ride with me.’ Bear said. ‘I got to get a pair of sneakers for the Ave.’

‘It depends on how much work I have left.’

Brown shook his head after looking over to Dirt, who was staring off in nowhere in particular. Bear stood from the steps and then clapped his hands in front of Dirt’s face bringing him back to reality. Dirt flinched and leaned back before asking ‘What?’ looking at Bear then Brown. Brown smiled. Bear laughed and then plucked the roach of the Dutch into the air. Their attentions were pulled to the corner as a police patrol car sped by with the sirens on.

‘There goes the Dick Heads.’ Said Brown.

As Dirt headed to the corner while counting money, Brown called out his name. He stopped and turned around, but continued to count the money.

‘You have a stupid nigga working for you.’ Bear said to Brown. ‘The cops just drove pass an he’s counting money in the open like what we do is legal.’

As Dirt returned to the steps he noticed the other two staring at him. ‘What?’

‘How much?’ Brown asked.

‘Huh? . . . Oh.’ Dirt handed Brown the money. ‘$673.’

Brown stuck the money into his pocket.

‘You just fucked Liz, didn’t you?’ Bear asked.

As Dirt headed back to the corner, Brown called out, ‘Get me a water.’

‘Give me the money.’ Dirt replied, without stopping.

‘Did you fuck Liz before you came out?’ Bear asked.

Rain drops begun to fall causing the two of them to look up at the sky. ‘I like the rain.’ Brown said as he lit another cigarette. ‘It washes away life’s sorrow.’

‘A poetic chain smoker.’ Bear chuckled. A moment passed in silence until Bear broke it with ‘Why you keep ignoring me when I ask did you fuck Liz before you came outside?’ Staring into the dirty gray sky, Brown didn’t answer. Bear made a short hop off of the steps and crossed the street to his car. He opened the door and sat inside. After he lit a half of a pre-smoked joint that was in the ashtray he stood and then shut the door. ‘She’s in the store, that’s why I keep asking you that.’

Brown was wondering which was more enjoyable: a bowl of cereal or sex, before the sound of Bear slamming his hands onto the hood of the car caused him to flinch.

‘For a shooter you’re a jumpy motherfucker.’ Bear said and laughed as he crossed the street.

Brown leaned against the step’s banister, facing the corner. Bear, at the curb, looked towards the corner as well.

‘Did you just fuck Liz?’ Bear asked.

‘What you doing tonight?’ Brown asked.

‘I’m going to chill with my chick.’

‘I’m going to play the block.’

‘Shit.’ Bear said. ‘That’s all you do anyway.’

‘Get money, stack money, and get out.’ Replied Brown.

‘You got all the answers, huh?’

‘Bear, I just did 2 years away from pussy and Froot Loops . . .’

‘There she is.’ Bear Interrupted, pointing to Liz who was walking with Dirt. ‘Did you fuck Liz before you came out the house today?’ He asked again, this time urgently.

Brown watched Dirt and Liz as they walked towards them from the corner. They were still a good distance away not to hear Brown ask. ‘Why the fuck do you want to know if I just fucked my bitch?’

Stepping in front of Brown’s view of Dirt and Liz, Bear whispered ‘Because you smell like pussy and I saw you come out of Mia’s crib. So when I saw Liz go into the store I figured she’d come and . . .’

‘You can smell it?’ Brown asked as Bear stepped aside.

‘Smell what?’ asked Liz as she approached Brown with open arms.


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The Babbler is social commentary and literature by Christopher Reel

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