Willow Smith and The Magic Tongue Ring

Pop Culture is Culture. A photo of Willow Smith popped up on the internet and suddenly every social network was trending with opinions. True, everyone who seen the Instagram photo may have had an immediate reaction. The Babbler’s reaction was a simple ‘Really?’ (not the ‘What’s wrong with this world?’ really, but a more ‘That don’t seem like her. The photo must be fake or photoshopped.’ really).Out of the many comments on the www. about the tongue ring, which turned out to be fake, with Willow killing the hype herself with adding ‘It’s Fake . . .Sorry,’ to the photo, the reactions that caught my attention was that of the folks on the www. populating the trends on almost every social network with hard comments attacking the news, society, Willow, her parents, Will and Jade Smith, Narnia, Apple Jax, etc., etc. . . . . . It’s funny how you find out the kind of person from their tweets and post or whatever. The particular treads that make me scream at the computer are the ones that comment on the hype with ‘Who cares if . . . .’ or something like ‘I wish people stop talking about this.’ (Hey jackass you are part of the reason it’s trending.) There were people who were pro Willow which all come be summed up as Team #LetHerLive. What makes this new internet thing interesting is that it ask for your opinion, and doesn’t everyone have one? Yes. This essay alone is the proof. But what makes something popular to gather so many opinions? What’s so interesting about a 11-year-old girl with a tongue ring and there are 11-year-old girls having babies,  shipment of guns lost in Mexico, A man trying to become president  is part of a religion that doesn’t think highly of a highly populated and once enslaved group of people. Well, I’ll tell you what’s so interesting in stories like Willow Smith’s: Willow Smith is the daughter of famous parents and she had a hit song and she played in movies and has a sometimes weird sense of style. So a picture of her with a tongue ring would easily become an opinion filter, which it did. Although, because the ring was fake, this hype will fade out to some other celebrity or political comedy will surface and grab our attention. But what we linger is the scare about the state of our society and the next generation as well as that generations parent’s generation. So does the ring being fact give hope to our future or bring us to the edge of “everything is permissible’ However people miss the importance in the action of celebrities, or sports players, or what politicians are doing or what the next  stupid thing one of them are about to say. We are fast to comment and forget to look at the situation as acts of human; meaning, follies and self-destruction, and that famous people or people evil enough or stupid enough to get themselves famous are humans. And humans do stupid things. i did like 6 stupid things in last 3 hours. But we like to be in the know and voice our opinion about something other than our lives. Sad but true. We needed that escape and what’s more fun than commenting on Facebook about Obama’s dog may or may not be a socialist. So see you on the next trending topic.


About thebabbler

The Babbler is social commentary and literature by Christopher Reel

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