“The Finals” By: Niko Hennis

The Miami Heat are your2012 NBA Champions. It has been one long journey for the “Dream Team,” but the talent that was put together finally molded itself to a well-deserved trophy. After being faced with a similar situation last year, the series was all knotted up 1-1. Led by forward Lebron James, the Heat took the series back home where they did not look back winning the rest of there games and beating the Oklahoma City Thunder in 5.

Lebron James was simply brilliant in his finals performance, paving the way for his squad. Averaging 28.6 points per game and 7.4 assists per game, he acquired his first NBA title as well as NBA Finals MVP.

While watching game 4 of the series, Lebron proved to  me to be more than worthy of an NBA title. In the 4th quarter, Lebron started to cramp up definitely effecting his play. A gimpy King James stood in the game, knowing the scenario, hobbled to the three point line, and synced the basket. After seeing that, I couldn’t help myself to think of the whole Michael Jordan with the flu sequence. It was definitely one of those historic highlights.

In game 5, Lebron James was more focused as i’ve ever seen him. It’s like everything that meant something to him was rolled up into this one moment and he was fighting for that moment. Mid-to-late in the 4th quarter, all signs we’re pointing to Heat as they were up big. Mario Chalmers made a basket (one of his 10 points of the night) and was starting to celebrate knowing his dreams were about to turn into a reality. Lebron quickly approached Chalmers and you could actually make out what he was saying by reading his lips. “Not yet.” For me, that’s leadership and patience at its finest. As soon as the clock ran down to 0:00, Lebron finally showed off his true emotions with Chalmers and unleashed an ear-to-ear smile that would not stop.

I am satisfied with the way things turned out for the Miami Heat this year. They had way too much talent to go unnoticed in any other fashion. My hat is off to the Oklahoma City Thunder, though. They will be back in this position in years to come. Much sooner rather than later. Mark my words. Great talent and youth will go a long way with them. As for now, enjoy this one, Miami. You have come a long way for this.


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