Obamacare or more formally The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act was said by the Supreme Court that it does not violate the Constitution. They state that it’s a permissible tax under the Constitution. It’s a lot of people that like Obamacare and that it helps our health care system. And then it’s a lot of people that hates Obamacare; most noticeable any half blooded conservative.
With everything there are people for it and people against it especially in the 2 party America government. And let’s not forget that it’s an election year. Really it’s pointless to get into the pros and cons of the matter because depending on whose perspective you are listening to the opinions change per perspective. So for the general public we must sort out all of the stuff that don’t concern us (on the surface because everything concern us but who has the time to get so deep into all of the politico bullshit when we have to worry about work, our children, or the fact that the corner store ran out of strawberry milk to go with my Apple Jax cereal.) So we’re going to focus on on one particular point of Obamacare:
The new law imposes penalties (tax) to those who fail to get health care.
This is some deep sh%t because you will be fined for not having health care. And when the government start messing with people money all hell will break loose. Some claim that it’s communism or socialism for the government to make it mandatory to have to buy anything in the Land Of The Free. But here’s the News flash for those who fell that way:
{Car Insurance is MANDATORY.}
Should I have to say more? Probably, but all I will say is Obamacare has it’s flaws like every decision made by a human. People or decisions are not perfect but Obamacare shows effort to provide affordable health care for everyone. So what he has to play the parent who is willing to punish there children for not doing something that is for there own good.
I’m all for Universal Health Care but that to is flawed as will. And I guess being an American citizen I will have to accept Obamacare and will enthusiastically.
Oh, Rush Limbaugh does that mean you will leave America now? You should go to Mexico, they have a lot of the pills you like for cheap.


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