George Zimmerman is free on bail

Once again George Zimmerman is free. The Babbler’s reaction is far from those of others. With everything there are three type of reaction groups. There are those who’s on (bitch ass) George side, there are those who wants George to be hung upside down in the public square  and tarred and feathered, and then it’s those who could care less.

Although The Babbler would like to see justice handed out  to a killer of a child I more or less could care less that he is free on bail. A murderer being free on bail isn’t all that new. It’s just that most murderers could not convince people to put up the 10% of 1 million to get them out.

Like The Babbler have been saying since day one of this mess, the death of an american youth is clouded by the race factor.(Oh, and I bet the NRA and it’s supporters hate (Bitch ass) Zimmerboy right now because he’s exactly why they get so much slack about every American having the right to carry guns. Every American shouldn’t have that right. Race has noting to do with that.) The backlash of Zimmerman’s release is funny to read. You read people tweets or FaceBook status and it’s easy to see what side a person is on.

I say that race is the reason why this case is so loud on the WWW. and it is but there are more of every race against him. Not because he is a curtain race but because in the general public opinion he was wrong for what he did. And wrong is = to guilty.

And let’s not forget that America is no longer a black and white nation.

In my opinion, George will go to jail. If not who knows what will happen. Some say riots (Think of Rodney King and the verdict of those 4 cops and what happened in LA in it’s aftermath).

I could waste more time Babbling about this but what’s the point. My last words are:

Between the Zombie Apocalypse, George Zimmerman, and Casey Anthony who the fuck wants to go to Florida. They better be happy they have Rick Ross and the Miami Heat’s.


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The Babbler is social commentary and literature by Christopher Reel

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