‘Son of a bench’ Philadelphia v.s Small Businesses

Over the pass few years small businesses in Philadelphia have came up with time tested but smart ways to advertist across the city. Benches promoting different small businesses begin to pop up everywhere, mostly at bus stops. This year almost out of the blue the city told the promoting small business that they’ll have to remove them.
1. The street department has received complaints from the public.
‘Why that’s B.S’
Most of the benches are at bus stops and always more than not at any time occupied.
2. The benches could create legal liablility problems for property owners.
‘Why that’s B.S’
Not one such property owner spoke up about the benches. And bus stops are not owned by anyone bus the city, being that it’s a public street corner.
3. The benches adds to the city’s blight. This is coming from acting Streets Commissioner David Perri (who stated that on 5/11/2013 that his department will confiscate illegal benches.)
‘Why that’s B.S’
If you ever saw one of the benches in question you’ll beaware that with the well thought out and professional designs that they would not fall under blight. And maybe if the City worried more about real blight and not benches maybe the blight problems in the City would improve.

There are a few other reasons but the truth is the city is looking at some point to pursue an advertising campaign near transit locations as part of a way to generate revenue. And folks that is the main and only real reason why the city waged war agaisnt the small business person who thur taxes help bring revenue to this city. This is a meanless battle and a waste and evil thing to do to part of the city’s infastructer of small businesses.

About christopherreel

Christopher Reel is a writer and cartoonist from Philadelphia.

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  1. jermain

    Great job on the site Chris, i will visit more often. You should connect the page to twitter and instagram as well. cover all the bases.


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