America is the Pop culture capital of the world. Pop culture is our number one export. We take art and dysfunction and celebrity and make them into distractions. We make history and significance into melodrama. We turn drama of the White House into “The West Wing” into “Scandal”. Even President Obama shot to the fore front and was considered a Political Rock Star. Young, Hip, and Cool. And reminded us of another President whose assassination raised at top highs in Pop cultural lore for the mystery surrounding who done it.

America gave the world Hip Hop, Jazz, Blues, Rock n Roll, Twerking, Facebook, Twitter, McDonald’s and much much more. I’m not talking here about the deeper themes when we talk about America or the world as a whole. I’m talking here about distractions. The big, the fast, dysfunctional fun of the popular trends and the people and industries that produce them. I’m talking here about what happened to Seattle garage punk after it hit the main stream. I’m not talking about Kurt Cobain’s suicide. I’m talking about the lure that followed it. I’m talking about the reason why. I’m talking about what we consume from the media and the internet. I’m talking here about the internet. I’m talking about how nerds and geeks are cool now. I’m not talking about the deep emotionally wounded child victims of bullying whom committed suicide. I’m talking about the bully getting slammed on a viral video. I’m talking about Rock-star games making a game called bully. I’m talking about Pop Culture. I’m talking about how important social media is in our lives. I’m talking about Memes, likes, and hash tags. I’m talking about hash tags. I’m talking about #BoycottStarWarsVII. And I’m laughing at trolling.

Being a Pop cultural society, social media and the media is our local news (It’s a global world now, face it people). The internet is the grand communication highway. And there is a whole lot of information that flows through our lap tops and other mobile devices, as well as desktops and Televisions. We are now in a post Back to the Future society. And we the people have a way of believing everything. Easy to fall victim to a hoax. There is always a false story of a celebrity dying. but some hoax take a life of it’s own with people that support it.

#BoycottStarWarsVII was said to have been started as a hoax by a handful of trolls just to get a reaction, to ruffle people feathers. It could have been started as a promotional tool by Disney. Whatever it was, it gained a lot of attention. The attention that attracted racist. I believe all racist are the same with ideologies of hate and ignorance. But the racist that lark in the comment section on social media and other sites are of a different breed. They have no fear, no feelings of repercussion.


Here we are going to call those who tweets were backlashes to #BOYCOTTSTARWARSVII The Force. And the Force is strong in them. The Force countered attacked the racists. They turned the #BOYCOTTSTARWARSVII tread into a battle between good and evil. Which is pretty much the essence of Star Wars.

The supporters of #BOYCOTTSTARWARSVII said Star Wars: The Force Awakens promotes “white genocide”. But what if it is true that the original agitators only did it to get the well meaning people of the world hype and angry. Reports show that over 90% of those who responded to #BOYCOTTSTARWARSVII were against that hash tag (and of the force). I think it may have been some truth behind it with the subculture of trolling becoming a real institution on the internet. However the sentiments behind those who support #BOYCOTTSTARWARSVII and believe that the cast is too diverse and JJ Abram is on a mission of white genocide really believes that.

The truth is all of the backlash and #BOYCOTTSTARWARSVII it’s self is meaningless. A distraction from our menial everyday routine lives. It gives us something to fight for or against. It’s our Pop Cultural fix. Our Pop Cultural duty to engage in pointless rhetoric to distract us from the real racist problems. Or real problems period. Because let’s be honest star wars will break the box office as the trailer did the internet on Monday Night Football.

Being a child and citizen of the United States of Pop culture you have to sit back and just smile as you read comments of racism and sexism or other hateful topics and watch those who react with counter comments and think where are these people at. Are they at work or on the bus or at home. What important parts of life are they missing out while trolling on the internet or fighting on the side of the social warriors. Hate behind hash tags like #BOYCOTTSTARWARSVII or those who need to comment to show there disagreement is all pointless if no one is really trying to cause social change by action.

However in all honesty this is our way of fighting in a Pop Cultural society. It’s our God giving right to use whatever to distract us. Because if social media, T.V shows, Movies, Celebrity gossip, Sports, trolling, or whatever our distraction is was not there the only thing left to think about would be our limited existence; our death. And me personally would rather think about John Boyega holding that light-saber upright and about to kick some racist ass.


About christopherreel

Christopher Reel is a writer and cartoonist from Philadelphia.

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