There is no excuse for child abuse: Senior Deputy Ben Fields Assaults Teen

There is no excuse for child abuse.   Senior Deputy dehumanized a teenage girl. The viral video of his acts are reminiscing to the stories of the dehumanization of the Africans during slavery. But let me take race out of it for the sake of argument (which is hard when there is an overabundance of attacks on Blacks by the police, by those who are paid to protect and serve). No matter what the teenage girl’s race is the video is a clear text-book example of what child abuse is.

What bewilders me the most is that it’s a debate on social media and we have the likes of Raven Symone and Bristol Palin claiming that the child who was not a physical treat to anybody; who did not possess any instrument to use as a weapon and simply did not listen somehow deserved this. There are whites and blacks and others that agree with their sentiments. I’m shocked by this, especially in today’s society where someone will call the police on a mother physically chastising their child at a supermarket. Sometimes we must put ourselves in other’s shoes or our daughter in that school’s desk. People like to say this generation has no respect. Every generation before the next says that about the ones that followed. Sure there were more beatings or spanking by parents then it is now. But Ben Fields wasn’t that girl parent and his action wasn’t to teach a lesson but to forcefully, by any means necessary without regard for the child safety to remove her from the classroom. I do not believe there is a valid reason for men to ever put their hands on a female of any age  for any reason let alone for what they say or the lack of a response or from the lack of obeying. And I do not believe there is a valid reason for anyone to handle a non violent and non aggressive child in such a manner.

The recent behavior of our law enforcement is causing me to question the people who are allowing these sort of criminals to put on the badge in the first place. I thought there was a psychological evaluation in place to weed out the crazies. Where are the moral and ethical officers? I’m not saying that there isn’t any. There are a lot destroying what protect and serve means. However we all are aware that there is a history of violence towards blacks by police forces across the US. No We  the People did not forget the water hoses and dogs. And I’m not making this a black and white issue either. We can’t forget some of those cops who killed Freddy Grey were Black or a white officer just killed an unarmed white teen. What I am trying to say is Ben Fields committed child abuse and should go to prison for his crime.


About christopherreel

Christopher Reel is a writer and cartoonist from Philadelphia.

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