A Brief Theory Behind The Miley Cyrus’ Media Circus


When we think about Miley Cyrus’ leap from clean teen pop to pop star to chart topping, sex craze Madonna, tossed in a blender with mushrooms, Jack Daniel, and Mali we do not think of the logic behind it. Not important? Right? But the internet cares. Social media cares. They support her or they hate her. On one hand she’s the Hyper A.D.D sexual pop queen of the Millenniums. On the other hand she the baby of Satan himself to corrupt the morals of our innocent daughters. Or she’s the product of the fast fame and will burn out like Lindsey Lohan.

How about we look at it in another way. In real life it would be nearly impossible to have a real Hannah Montana due to the shear nature of the music business and Hollywood and the internet, married to our celebrity news seeking culture streaming from our palms or laps. Her identity would have been reveled as the show grew in popularity. Plus all though us humans could be stupid at times you couldn’t fool even her generation of teens with her disguised methods of ‘I would have been recognized Clark.’ Superman. However let us assume that her management team thought that Hannah Montana character was the perfect lunch pad to flip flop Miley’s clean image. Her sexual shocking attempts at generating stardom has masked, outside of that DUI incident, that she looks like a saint compared to burn out queens such as Britney Spears or Lindsey Lohan No sex tapes, no real world worries for her parents that they would have to deal with the ‘She is going to ruin her life drama’. Could her, explosion into the sometime weird moments of over the top rainbow dust antics, be apart of a character. Another alternate personality. Not the real Miley but the real Miley playing Madonna.

Her photo shoot with the Candy Magazine attempts to stretch her sexual goofiness. She was reported to have told her mother that she was Pan sexual and she has be linked to a female model or two, but not as much as she’s been linked to bubblegum men (a Jonas brother?). Her marketing team could be genius’ capitalizing on the anything goes pop culture consuming the world. She’s fun and shocking and a wonderful actress.

This theory is not to sway away from saying nothing of this act is the true Miley. She’s a young party girl? Yes. Does she do drug? Probably, yes. Is she a pan-sexual? Probably yes, because she’s at the heart of the androgynous movement. Also this theory could be wrong. This could be Miley in real life. She could be good at hiding the insanity of her real life from the all seeing eye of the media. It’s just hard to believe. However even in this theory she would have to hide her real life. Her stage life is so overwhelmingly huge and shocking that it eclipse everything about her.


About christopherreel

Christopher Reel is a writer and cartoonist from Philadelphia.

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